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Of particular interest to visitors, especially children, may be the depiction of the 10 Chambers of Hell. These chambers line a path that gently winds up a hill at the fringe of the square. The walk up the path is named the Journey to Enlightenment because these chambers aim to discourage bad conduct by depicting the painful experiences an evil person would encounter in Hell. Plse rearrange the below sequences on the 10 Hell Chambers narration.

According to Chinese beliefs, the First Chamber of Hell would screen the character of a dead person and his past deeds to decide whether or not and where he should receive punishment. A good person would be sent for rebirth in the Heavenly Realm or the Western Pureland of Great Bliss. An evil person would be sent to one of the remaining nine chambers of Hell, each of which is authorised and empowered to impose various degrees of punishment. Hence, all the newly arrived souls of the dead would proceed to the First Chamber of Hell where Chin-Kwong-Wang, the King of the First Chamber, would determine their fate.

The Second Chamber of Hell,said to be located below the ocean, would deal specifically with people who had abducted men or women, occupied properties not belonging to them, or caused bodily harm to others. Doctors who had cheated their patients or carried out malpractices, adulterous couples and those who had committed suicide before completing their filial obligations would likewise receive their punishment here.

The Third Chamber of Hell would mete out punishment to ungrateful or disloyal people and thieves.

The Fourth Chamber punishes those guilty of tax evasion, bullying and negligence.

The Fifth Chamber would deal with those found guilty of rape, murder and fighting while those who had engaged in vandalism or has shown disrespect for religion would end up in the Sixth Chamber.

The Seventh Chamber of Hell awaits those who had been involved in trafficking, abortion, gambling and other dishonest activities.

The Eighth Chamber punishes people who had not shown filial piety towards their parents and respect for their elders.

The Ninth Chamber deals with people who burn and damage properties while the Tenth Chamber decides on the place, form and sex in matters of reincarnation and rebirth.

While the tour of the Hell chambers can be an educational trip for everyone, it can also be an eye-opener for people who have little knowledge of the basic principles of cause and effect in Buddhism, a cornerstone of traditional Chinese beliefs.

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