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About the Temple

The Founder 

While constructing the road leading to Genting Highlands, the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong discovered a cool rocky slope covered with green tropical vegetation and dotted with flowing streams. The location reminded him of the Chin Swee Crag at the Penglai Village in Fujian, China.

The late Tan Sri Lim was born in Penglai Village (now a township). At a young age, he watched his parents and relatives pay respects to the Reverend Chin Swee and had their prayers answered.

The Reverend died at the age of 65 in Penglai after receiving two awards from the Imperial Palace of the Song Dynasty (960AD to 1279AD). Two other awards were presented to him posthumously in praise of his work along with the conferment of the title “Venerable Master”.

Within the Chin Swee Caves Temple sits a statue of the Reverend Chin Swee, who has been referred to as a deity in the Fujian Province for his supernatural abilities to summon rain and drive away evil spirits.

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