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After seeing the horrifying fate that awaits evil persons, a more cheerful sight is in store as one walks up the hilly path. Visitors will be greeted by the smiling faces of the “Seven Fairies” descending from heaven with grace. This is followed by the three Gods of Fook-Lok-Sou (Luck, Wisdom and Longevity) and Wang-mo-liang-liang (Mother Goddess) as she descends to earth in a heavenly chariot.

Finally, there is the Nine-Colour Dragon Wall of Luck, which stands at the entrance to greet visitors to Chin Swee Caves Temple. Each of the nine dragons, which have different dispositions and colour, represents a special type of luck. According to the folklore of ancient China, if a scholar was to meet a “yellow dragon” on his journey to take the imperial examination, he would get top marks and become a high-ranking Mandarin official who would be serving the yellow-robed Emperor in the Imperial Palace.

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