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There are also several gazebos around the square for visitors to rest their tired feet. The statues there bring to life traditional ancient Chinese characters such as “the Eight Deities” playing a friendly game of chess.

Along another pathway leading down to the main temple are stone carvings imported from China, which relay 24 stories of filial piety. These famous tales of ancient China are meant to inspire people to treat their parents well. For example, there is a story about a child in a poor family who would warm a bed by lying on it before letting her parents sleep on it during winter. Another tale is about a child who wears colourful clothes just to please her parents who loved bright colours.

There are also many other traditional Chinese figurines and carvings, such as the stone wall leading to the statue of Buddha which showcases the famous 18 Lohans (Divine Characters in Buddhism) as well as principal personalities in the famous Journey to the West on their adventures to India in search of enlightenment.

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